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How to Hit Longer Tee Shots
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United States Golf Association

The USGA has determined that Stinger Golf Tees are allowable under the rules of golf.

Hit longer tee shots with Stinger Tees!

Hit longer tee shots with Stinger Tees!

Most golfers, including many professionals, do not use golf tees correctly. A golf tee is an obstruction at absolutely the most critical point of the golf swing, and using it correctly will add distance and accuracy to your tee shots with the driver, fairway woods and irons.

Robotic testing has proved that the farther a golf tee is inserted into the ground, the more resistance is created, and the more tee shot distance was reduced!

It is important to use the shortest tee that will give you the height you desire. By using too long a tee, and inserting it too deep into the ground, you are creating resistance. Not only will you most likely break tees, but you will lose distance!

A golf tee should be put no more than 1/2" into the ground. If you place it deeper, you should push the tee forward and then bring it back to vertical before putting the ball on it. You want the tee to move, or ideally, to flip out of the ground!

This approach will result in a minimum amount of resistance and obstruction, which will allow you to the golf ball farther.

The design of the long and sharp tip is one of the many high performance features of a Stinger Tee. The sharp tip goes into and “bites” the ground quicker and easier than a blunt tipped regular tee, enabling Stinger tees to be placed very shallow into the ground. Regular tees just push the dirt ahead of it and must be put farther into the ground to steadily hold the ball.

You will hit the ball farther off of a Stinger tee!

“Stinger tees definitely give me more distance and accuracy than any other tee. If I can get an advantage over the field by using a better tee, I’ll do it every time!”

Chris Anderson, Nationwide Tour Player