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The USGA has determined that Stinger Golf Tees are allowable under the rules of golf.

Which Stinger Tee is right for you?

Which Stinger Tee is right for you?

Do you use a smaller headed driver or play on courses with closely mown, firm tee boxes?

  • Choose our shortest option, the Pro XL 2 1/4” tee, which is also ideal for fairway woods, hybrids and iron shots played from the teeing ground.

Are you seeking something similar to a traditional tee, but with added high-performance benefits?

  • Choose our most popular golf tee, the 2 3/4” Pro XL Stinger Tee, which is designed to suit the preference of most players on the teeing ground.

Do you prefer to tee a bit higher than the average player, or do you play on tee boxes where the grass is not closely mown?

  • Choose the 3 1/4” Pro XL Stinger Tee or the 3” Competition Stinger Tee which will tee the ball near or above the top edge of the driver’s clubface.

Do you prefer exceptionally long tees?

  • Choose the 4” Pro XL Stinger Tee or the 4” Competition Stinger Tee which will set the ball well above the top edge of even the largest drivers.

Are you interested in trying the most high performing tee in golf today?

  • Choose the Competition Stinger Tees, require a steady hand because the head is half the size of our Pro XL Stinger Tees. These tees are popular with Tour and Club Professionals, as well as low-handicap amateurs.

Why is it so important to use the correct length tee? Why not buy a longer tee and insert it deeper into the ground?

  • The deeper you insert the tee into the ground, the more resistance you are creating, thus losing distance. It is also more likely that you will break the tee as well.

“Stinger Tees are the greatest golf tees I’ve ever used.”

Craig Bowden, PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour Player