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United States Golf Association

The USGA has determined that Stinger Golf Tees are allowable under the rules of golf.

The ultimate in performance.

Stinger Tees, accessories, and headwear are specially engineered for golfers who prefer the most high-performance gear money can buy.

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Pro XL Stinger Tees
Our most popular line of golf tees, the Pro XL series is available in four sizes to suit any swing.
Competition Stinger Tees
Commonly known as the best performing tees on the market, the Competition tee heads are 1/2 the size of Pro XL tees. Available in two sizes.
Golf Headwear
Keep covered and stay focused with these comfortable headwear options, accented with the Stinger Bee logo.
Golf Accessories
Invest in gear that conveys your commitment to performance.


Top reasons to buy Stinger Tees:

  • Specially engineered and scientifically proven to create less resistance and less drag, so that every shot will go farther than a shot hit off of a traditional tee
  • The thinner head and shaft improves ball flight direction by minimizing club obstruction and deflection and maximizing club head stability
  • Slimmed down design maintains a classic look, but is less bulky than traditional tees
  • The streamlined shape goes into hard ground much easier than traditional tees
  • The sharp tip is perfect for cleaning dirty club head grooves
  • The natural wood finish won’t leave ugly, hard to remove paint marks on club heads
  • Solid bamboo construction is built to withstand the strongest swings
  • With materials designed to biodegrade in less than half the time of traditional or corn tees, your golf course will thank you

“The best golf product to come along in years!”

Golf Today Magazine