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The USGA has determined that Stinger Golf Tees are allowable under the rules of golf.

Competition Stinger Tees

Commonly known as the best performing tees on the market, the Competition tee heads are half the size of Pro XL, requiring a steady hand and a solid swing. Available in two sizes. Colors are available in 3" size.

3" Competition Stinger Tee

This model is designed with a head half the size of that on the Pro XL Stinger tee. It is the best performing tee in golf (see test results), but it is best reserved for steady handed players due to its ultra-slim shape. Those who are not steady handed may be better served with the more forgiving Pro XL model. The Competition tee, while available to all players, is most popular among Tour and Club Professionals, and low-handicap amateurs. NEW - colors available!

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